AdSEND announces integrated preflighting solution

June 29, 2009

Article by: AdSEND / Vio

AdSEND a division of Vio Worldwide is pleased to announce that the browser-based ad sending and receiving service now offers integrated preflighting utilizing DALiM TWiST.

“AdSEND’s new preflighting service is a win-win for both advertisers and publishers ” said AdSEND President Al Edwards. “Advertisers will be able to quickly preflight files within AdSEND as part of their normal workflow receiving immediate feedback and publications will receive ads that are print ready eliminating the need to correct files at deadline.”

With preflighting AdSEND scans advertisers’ PDF files for hundreds of items that might prevent them from printing properly including missing fonts RGB LAB color space transparencies spot color in CMYK files and image resolution.

When an advertiser uploads an ad and chooses a destination publication it is validated against the preflight settings that the publisher provided. Next the sender receives a file report which displays any resultant warnings and / or errors. Senders can then be optionally asked to approve warnings before they may transmit the file. Helpful suggestions on how to correct issues are provided and utilizing GMG Color Server AdSEND enables advertisers to immediately fix problems with ink weight and spot to CMYK conversions. Or advertisers may upload a corrected file. If the ad fails the validation process each error is listed in an advanced file report displaying its location. In addition an email is automatically generated alerting the advertiser.

As with many other AdSEND services preflighting follows a SaaS (Software as a Service) model for publishers who sign up to participate.

“The pay-as-you-go structure has been extremely well received among customers looking to avoid large capital expenditures ” said Mr. Edwards.

For more information on the new preflighting service or to sign up call 800-223-7363 or email