Adicio Releases Enhanced Real Estate Software Platform

October 22, 2010

Article by: Adicio Inc.

New Native Guided/Faceted Search and SEO Enhancements Boost User Interaction and Revenue Opportunities

CARLSBAD CA USA (September 30 2010) – Adicio Inc. the leading provider of interactive classified advertising software solutions for media companies announced the enhanced search features designed to increase usability and revenue opportunities for their Real Estate platform. New features include guided (faceted) search interactive maps enhanced location search and search engine optimization (SEO) easy-to-navigate layout for search results and a spotlight listings carousel. More than 100 sites have already transitioned to the new platform including the Las Vegas Review Journal the Milwaukee Journal the Virginian-Pilot the San Diego Union Tribune and The Buffalo News.

Due to the intrinsic importance of search Adicio decided not to enlist a third-party search technology vendor like other online classifieds providers. This enables Adicio clients to control their search facets – making them configurable and customizable. And since search is built into the Adicio application there are no extra or hidden costs unlike Adicio’s competitors. As an added benefit Adicio clients don’t have to rely upon a third party for upgrades or bug fixes. The Adicio Careers platform will be transitioning to the new search functionality soon followed by the Adicio Motors platform.

Adicio’s Guided/Faceted Search Filter enables users to refine or expand searches using multi-select options within their faceted search filter which gives users one click access to find their perfect property. Check boxes enable users to update results dynamically without having to run a new search. Search results – along with the number of listings – are dynamically updated and summarized in the filter so users can drill down to the properties they are most interested in reviewing.

These features provide distinct competitive advantages for Adicio Real Estate clients. On competing classifieds platforms users have to run new searches to pull out specific keywords categories or locations without being able to see their previous search criteria. Search results are limited to one item for each category – users can’t select multiple items in a single category which makes it harder for them to quickly or easily find what they are looking for unless they get it right the first time. Searching is further complicated by the fact that most providers don’t normalize their data or use equivalent terms or keywords so search results may not be market or location specific. All of those issues are addressed in the new Adicio platform.

Interactive Maps enable property seekers to zoom in and out to view listings within a specific area or region. Adicio enhanced their Location Search with Auto Suggested text to help users find properties faster within a single location search box. Users can search by city state zip code specific address or well known area such as ‘silicon valley”.

Adicio rewrote its CSS to enable clients to more easily customize site UI and page layout. In addition clients have control over the Search Form Search Results and Listing Detail pages so they can create a completely branded user experience. This CSS will be transitioned across all platforms to create a unified CSS so clients on multiple platforms will only have to make one change to roll it out across all their Adicio platforms. However they will still be able to utilize additional CSS files that are specific to each vertical as well.

“We added an XML API that clients can use to create their own widgets and map mashups. Now they can combine unique content that drives more traffic and leads to specific targeted listings on SEO-friendly landing pages which creates new revenue opportunities for additional sponsorships.” said Deep Menon Vice President Products at Adicio. “The new platform is so flexible that our clients can even create strategic landing pages filled with listings from the XML API. This practice increases the number of links back to their sites while boosting SEO page rankings in the process.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features enable clients to customize relevant page titles meta titles and descriptions and include search engine friendly (SEF) URLs to help drive more traffic to their sites. Adicio’s Search Analysis Report enables clients to easily optimize their SEM efforts based on the most searched keywords on their sites.

Adicio’s Spotlight Listings Carousel gives advertisers more visibility with rotating spotlight listings at the top of the search results. Clients can display up to four spotlight listings per page depending on their site layout that automatically rotates every ten seconds giving them more opportunities to generate revenue by expanding advertiser visibility.

“We love Adicio’s new search! It’s so easy to drill down to find a property check out its location and gather all the pertinent details needed to zero in on an ideal property.” said Daniel Hellbusch Director of Online Sales San Diego Union Tribune. “We’ve been so impressed with their Real Estate platform that we’re migrating to Adicio’s Motors platform as well.”