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March 18, 2022

Article by: AdCellerant

AdCellerant CEO and Co-Founder Published on Strixus

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DENVER, CO, March 14, 2022–AdCellerant CEO and Co-Founder, Brock Berry, was published on Strixus–a community that features visionary leaders. Berry’s article covers the importance of synchronizing the c-suite with digital marketing teams. Within the article, Brock covers the importance of clear, interdepartmental alignment. Without this alignment, and having each individual or department collaborating effectively to reach a shared goal, it becomes difficult to grow and connect with consumers. With proper alignment comes growth, continuity, consistency, and success.

“It’s hard to effectively collaborate when teams believe they’re reaching for different goals,” Berry said. “Simultaneously, it’s hard to connect with consumers when they spot a difference between your brand’s perceived value and what your marketing says.”

Read the full Strixus article, The Benefits of Having Synchronized C-Suite and Digital Marketing Teams by Brock Berry.


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