Adapting to change is key to media business success

July 8, 2014

Article by: Lineup Systems Corp.

Thirty years ago newspaper publishers created content and sent it to press. In the 90’s they entered the era of featuring content online on their website – it was embraced with excitement by a whole new audience of digital information consumers. Within the past four years the number of channels and formats has burgeoned forcing publishers to take full account of tablet mobile and smart TV content delivery.

If your current advertising sales system was designed before this era of rapid change how can it possibly enable you to protect your existing revenue while leveraging new revenue streams? And how many years have you been shoehorning these new media bookings into a legacy booking system? How will it handle the next big thing – and the next big thing after that? The pace of change will only increase and successful media businesses are those who can keep up.

Lineup helps our customers make the necessary adjustments to new channels within days not months. Even as we speak tech companies are piloting a brand new device and innovative media companies are discovering new ways of selling into these new platforms. When it comes we will be ready with AdPoint our agile web based advertising sales solution. How long will it take your system to do the same?
What can you do to support the innovation of your media business? We have developed AdPoint as a calculated response to today’s ad industry challenges:

Ad booking: Your advertising customers will be looking to reach their audience in every conceivable format. They don’t want single channel ad campaigns they want wall-to-wall ad messages that find as many eyes and ears as possible. Your title site or station needs to be able to book those campaigns in multiple media channels with ease.

CRM: As print revenues continue to decline and digital profits are still yet to be maximized you need to make each and every one of your ad customer relationships efficient and prolific. We specialize in closing the revenue gap between traditional media and new digital channels. This means capturing data and studying patterns to pre-empt and motivate buying decisions. Your sales people need to be two steps ahead of the game.

Finance: Your financial fitness will determine whether you’re robust enough to march across the changing landscape without leaking money. It’s no good furiously selling ad space if you’re unaware that your huge discounts are eroding your profits. We spend as much time building features to accurately account for revenue and collect cash as we do with increasing top-line sales. Transparency into your financial activities will pinpoint where you need to shore up your processes.

Analytics: Good analytics are essential for giving you a bird’s eye view of your media business and seeing how all your departments operate together to determine your overall performance. This will show you danger areas which affect the momentum and agility of your operations as a whole. AdPoint has built-in analytics everywhere in the system to keep relevant and timely information at the fingertips of the people operating your business.

You will have to equip your business with IT systems to achieve and manage these capabilities there is no doubt about that. But not all systems are the same. Some originate from long established suppliers who catered predominantly to the traditional format media companies and cannot adapt quickly. They are not true web based platforms and are built on legacy concepts and technology. Common sense will tell you that they are not the solution if the question is about agility innovation and protecting the future of your business.

Our advice is to choose a system that reflects the market you want to keep pace with: modern multi-channel un-tethered by software installations and free to grow and adapt in whichever way the future unfurls. Choose an advertising sales solution that is truly 100% web based designed with multi-channel capability in its DNA and customizable at the flick of a switch. That’s true agility. That’s AdPoint.

Call us to see a demo on how AdPoint can swiftly help your business to sell more adverts reduce costs and increase revenue. We’d love you to put AdPoint to the test.