AbitibiBowater to become Resolute Forest Products

October 11, 2011

Article by: Resolute Forest Products

As of November 7 our Company will be known as Resolute Forest Products – Produits forestiers Resolu in French.

The employee contest initiated earlier this year to choose a new Company name generated close to 1 400 submissions. The contest included a rigorous selection process in which suggested names were reviewed against established criteria by an internal selection committee as well as the Executive Team.

Resolute was chosen as it best reflects the fundamental characteristics of the Company including our determination strength and resolve to be a profitable sustainable organization. The name also underscores our continuing efforts to be resolute in our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction.

“The new Company name represents who we are today: a competitive organization with a profitable and sustainable future ” stated Richard Garneau. “This change is an opportunity to redefine ourselves with our customers our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work.”

Contest Winners
Many thanks to all those who participated in this effort and congratulations to the two winners who both separately came up with Resolute as their suggestion: Cyndy Strand at our Fort Frances (Ontario) pulp and paper mill and Kevin Gallagher from the Wood Products group based at our Calhoun (Tennessee) mill. Cyndy and Kevin will share the contest grand prize. Thirty-four employees will receive runner-up prizes of Resolute promotional items.

How the Change Affects Our Business
On November 7 we will launch the new name and visual identity by beginning to use it on our stationery website signage and other marketing materials. As of November 7 while we will be doing business as Resolute Forest Products AbitibiBowater Inc. and its subsidiaries will not officially change their legal entity names until the Company obtains shareholder approval as required by law at the 2012 Annual General Meeting of Stockholders.

Until the new Company name receives shareholder approval and can be legally adopted next year little will change for our customers suppliers and other stakeholders beyond what we call ourselves and the look and feel of our branded materials.

Our Logo
Our new logo calls to mind the forest in which we work the paper and lumber products we manufacture and the modern and dynamic nature of the Company. Our paper products are reflected in the half-circle of the “R” symbolizing a paper roll as well as in the folds within the logo. The rectangular and triangular shapes in the legs of the “R” represent wood products and forestry. Through the use of green as a primary color the design also depicts our determination to be a profitable business committed to sustainability.

Next Steps
Over the coming weeks tools and detailed guidance will be shared with employees to help implement the transition to Resolute Forest Products.