A magazine app for iPad the most downloaded free app for a week

November 5, 2010

The new iPad version of G+J “Muy Interesante” magazine launched on October 22nd has become immediately the most downloaded app of the free category of the App Store even above games. The first issue is free and includes videos and interactive graphics not available on the printed edition. Have here a glimpse of it: http://www.newstotakeaway.com/videomuy.html.

“Muy Interesante is already a classic of the popular science magazines in Spanish. Now with iPad it shows its full splendor” says AppleSfera. G+J already had a Muy Interesante digital version on Zinio but this one has been designed specifically for iPad full-loaded with dynamic content and special effects. Editor Jose Pardina and iPad Content Manager Ana Ormaechea are more than satisfied with the result. Response from readers has been enthusiastic “I like it more than Wired especially for double makeup portrait and landscape”. “Congratulations! It’s a new interactive way of reading a magazine. The future in our hands: a wonder!”. “It justifies buying a second version of the same magazine”.

This new reading experience also includes HD photo galleries audios web links and navigation by topics. It is the first and for the time being only magazine in Spanish with specific design and app for iPad.

Editorial software In4Magazine provided by Protecmedia allowed for an integrated newsroom producing both versions simultaneously with no post-production needed. Protecmedia also provided the iPad viewer (app) the same it uses for its newspapers software platform Milenium Cross Media.