Böttcher is the worlds largest roller company with employees working in 23 countries. Böttcher Corporation founded 282 years ago is the leading supplier of pressroom rollers sleeves printing blankets fountain solutions washes and maintenance products for many pressroom applications. Today Böttcher has roller manufacturing plants located around the world. Two plants are located in North America (Indiana and Maryland). All of the manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 approved.

Böttcher is committed to R&D. Böttcher is the main supplier for all Newspaper OEMs. Böttcher users consist of several hundred newspaper customers.

Supplier of Press Rollers Roller Shafts Sock Material Spiral Bareback Water Pickup Roller Ebonite or Nylon Vibrator Rollers

An independent converter and supplier of Printing Blankets including: Day DavidM Fujikura Trelleborg Vulcan (formerly Reeves Bro.) Trelleborg Rollin (formerly MacDermid) and Phoenix. Press Packing (both paper and mylar) with either adhesive or non-adhesive backing. Coating Blanket/Plate(s) in both rubber and polymer -faced with canvas and mylar -backed options. Cutting Bars (durometer-specific in a range of colors) are also available.

North Pacific Paper Corporation (NORPAC) is a unique newsprint and specialty grade supplier shipping throughout US and Japan markets. It is a partnership venture between Weyerhaeuser and Nippon Paper Industries. The mill began manufacturing in 1979 and currently produces 2100 metric tons of newsprint and specialty uncoated mechanical grades each day (750000 MT per year) from 3 state-of-art machines.

NORPAC has a de-inking facility providing post-consumer pulp from old newspapers and magazines a thermo-mechanical pulping facility (TMP provides a 50% more efficient use of wood fiber than the kraft process)) and shares a Weyerhaeuser kraft pulp mill close by (a blend of TMP and kraft produces strong high quality printing and publishing grades). Our newsprint contains an average of 20% recycled content. Some hi-brite grades contain more recycle content and some have less recycled content.

NORPACs mill site is located in Washington State on the Columbia River allowing the mill to transport products via ship and barge as well as rail and truck.

The following environmental benefits apply to all paper grades manufactured at the mill:
•All chips used at NORPAC come from sawmill residuals or pulp logs unsuitable for other uses.
•Our bleaching process at NORPAC is totally chlorine free.
•Renewable energy resources such as wind and hydroelectric power account for >50% of the Longview sites power.
•Biomass fuels used in our papermaking lead to lowered greenhouse gas emissions thereby reducing our carbon footprint.
•NORPACs procurement system is certified to the Sustainable Forestry initiative.

Our primary objectives: to build mutually valuable partnerships with publishers and printers and supply them with consistently high-quality newsprint and specialty groundwood grades that meet or exceed their requirements.

For more information contact us at 800 426-0866 or www.norpacpaper.com.

Each year Kruger Inc.s Publication Papers business unit produces 1.5 million metric tonnes of newsprint coated directory and supercalendered paper.

Kruger Publication Papers comprises four paper mills three of which are located in Quebec and the other in Newfoundland.

Kruger primarily supplies standard newsprint and specialty products in the Northeast and Atlantic Coast regions.

From our foundation in 1933 – serving web offset and sheetfed printers in and around Chicago – to the volatile print marketplace of today, CIC has remained dedicated to the needs of our customers. We have maintained optimal standards of quality and customer satisfaction to continue to grow one customer at a time. This focus has taken us from a single facility in West Chicago to offices and mixing plants across the country, and from non-heat formulas to custom-produced inks for a wide range of applications. Through growth we have increased our capacity and customer service, allowing us to custom-formulate inks for individual customers with unsurpassed tolerance levels in all facets of manufacturing, while providing timely delivery from five-pound tins to superbins and tank wagons. CIC also sells Trelleborg blankets and C&W Press Supplies.

RBP Chemical Technology offers a broad line of chemicals and consumable products for the newspaper industry. Pressroom chemicals include the Liquid Gold (TM) line of 1 2 and 3 oz. fountain solutions USA and other press washes and a variety of plate and equipment cleaners and fountain additives. RBP also supplies blankets cutting bars roller and dampener covers bottom wrap strapping press parts a variety of tools meters gauges and accessories and a full line of reel room products including tapes tabs and kites.

Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Milwaukee WI USA RBP Chemical Technology develops and manufactures high performance chemicals used in the printing and electronics industries. RBPs products are used worldwide and manufactured in North America and Asia. RBP is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

RBP is honored to have been chosen as a PAGE Platinum Supplier since 2014.

Visit us at

Kap Paper, Inc — formerly GreenFirst Forest Products– is a supplier of standard newsprint products in the Northeast. In 2017 Tembec Inc. was purchased by Rayonier Advanced Materials.

Resolute Forest Products was formerly known as AbitibiBowater. The Companys new name and associated visual identity now appears on all marketing materials and communications. AbitibiBowater Inc. and its subsidiaries will not change their legal entity names until the Company obtains shareholder approval as required by law at its 2012 annual general meeting.

Resolute Forest Products is a global leader in the forest products industry with a diverse range of products including newsprint commercial printing papers market pulp and wood products. The Company owns or operates 18 pulp and paper mills and 24 wood products facilities in the United States Canada and South Korea. Marketing its products in close to 90 countries Resolute Forest Products has third-party certified 100% of its managed woodlands to sustainable forest management standards. The shares of Resolute Forest Products formerly doing business as AbitibiBowater trade under the stock symbol ABH on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

As one of the largest manufacturers in the world Flint Group has the resources to formulate manufacture and distribute inks blankets and pressroom chemistry giving you excellent results in every coldset printing application. In addition to our traditional coldset news and directory inks Flint Group also provides exciting new products such as ArrowLith UV inks for high quality coldset web printing on a wider variety of substrates and ArrowScent scented inks for unique advertising applications. We also offer low VOC fountain solutions that are highly compatible with our inks and provide the highest quality blankets in the market.

Rely on us for the products you need all through one contact and supported by expert technical service. Thats peace of mind.