Band-It Rubber Company (BRC) has been a leader in the wholesale manufacture of rubber bands for over 40 years and employees a team of seven marketing and sales professionals.

Band-It Rubber Company was founded in 1972 by Bernard Spangler who started the company from his garage in City of Industry CA under the name “American Rubber Band Company”. In 1992 Bernard purchased a 40,000 square foot warehouse and offices in Corona CA to keep up with expansion of the business and changed the company name to “Band-It Rubber Company” which is now the largest supplier of rubber bands on the West Coast.

Reduce Distribution Costs and Optimize Efficiency with Advanced Newspaper Delivery Routing

With years of newspaper distribution experience RouteSmart Technologies offers powerful and scalable solutions for managing the complex challenges of newspaper delivery routing.

For both home delivery and single copy operations RouteSmart delivers proven answers while developing new and innovative solutions to meet future routing needs. Regardless of the circulation size of your publication or your particular routing challenges RouteSmart can help you solve your big picture and daily newspaper delivery routing problems with a combination of software and services.

A provider of plastic news bags.

A supplier of circulation supplies premiums and promotions.

Bringing Order and Transparency to Media Since 1914

The Alliance for Audited Media is an independent not-for-profit organization eith a mission to help companies with their audit services. These audit services can be applied to digital, print, and point-of-care media in order to help advertisers, publishers, as well as media buyers.

Certified Audit of Circulation merged with Alliance of Audit Media in 2018. The completed merger eliminates many duplicative costs for business and compliance activities including board meetings, tax filings, state registration, legal fees, public accountant fees and more. AAM is using those cost savings to maintain Certified Audit of Circulation members current fees and expenses.


Digital Publishers Audits

Print Publisher Audits

Technology Provider Audits

Point-of-Care Audits

Certified Audit of Circulation became subsidiary of AAM in 2012 with the goal of providing the market with easy-to-access comparable media data and cost-saving opportunities for publishers. This merger is the last step in integrating the two organizations.

A supplier of an assortment of circulation supplies and premiums including motor route tubes posts u-bolts vending machines and plastic bags.