Pair up with a digital marketing company that’s run by newspaper people, for newspaper people. Think Tank offers an impressive suit of digital solutions that can take your publication to the next level. Here is their presentation from the webinar they held for the PAGE community on June 29th, 2022.

Think Tank Media is a full-scale digital marketing and advertising agency with affiliates across the Southeast and Midwest United States. We specialize in customized digital marketing packages that empower publishers of any size and resources to increase their digital revenue.

Think Tank Media is a subsidiary of Lancaster Management, a third-generation family-owned operator of Twenty Community Newspapers.

With roots in the newspaper industry and facing the challenges to grow digital revenue within our customer base and markets, we formed Think Tank Media and the results have exceeded our expectations.

Our expertise is in targeted digital advertising including Geofencing, Search and Keyword Targeting, SEO, Site Retargeting, Contextual Targeting, social media, and much more. Using a blend of these tactics we have seen our newspapers more than triple digital revenue.

We have done this for our 20 newspapers and have the industry knowledge and experience to share these techniques and programs with our fellow PAGE members.

Contact us today for a discussion and free consultation.

Site Impact is a white label email marketing company comprised of 75 skilled team members specializing in creating custom integration opportunities to target your ideal audience utilizing email marketing.

For nearly ten years our team of digital marketers has perfected email marketing solutions with private label capabilities for media companies publishers and advertising agencies to white label our services and platforms as their own email marketing service.

ASK-CRM is an advertising sales software system developed specifically for the Newspaper/Media industry by industry veterans. Account executives successfully use it to more easily manage their territory by ensuring that all prospects as well as active and inactive accounts are contacted on a regular basis. Additional emphasis is placed on the total pipeline compared to goals…keeping everyone focused on selling and increasing revenue.

Unlike other CRM tools ASK-CRM also provides everything necessary for an account executive to develop comprehensive multi-product proposals that meet an advertisers needs. The proposals are automatically integrated into the pipeline and goals tracking process. Products rates are loaded into ASK-CRM for seamless solution/proposal development. We believe CRM should happen naturally as an account executive does their job and should not add “busy work” to their already overloaded daily schedule.

GoalGetters Gift Rewards will drive digital and Print subscribers to your web site or Paper Daily. Our engagement feature allows you to interact everyday! This is turnkey, we do it all!. Let us help ! We’re here to partner with you.

iPublish Media Solutions (formerly Wave2 Media Solutions) is an industry leader in the community publishing market whose early vision was to automate the publishing process. Having years of experience in all facets of ad operations we were looking for the next great development in advertising. In early 2006 we noticed the emergence of self-service advertising and quickly set a goal to develop a self-service platform that was enterprise level cloud based easy to use white label and cost effective for even the smallest community publisher.

Until iPublish Media Solutions came along self-service advertising solutions were referred to as a “tool” suggesting a compromise of quality or functionality limited in its application. We decided to break the mold and successfully utilized an enterprise-level approach to our product development. We built a solution using the worlds best technology without the cost or complexity one would expect.

Our solution performs two basic functions for publishers; first we build ads and second we rate and sell those ads. Our Java based Wave2 Publishing Platform W2PP ensures the highest throughput expandability and flexibility for our applications. We integrated Adobe InDesign Server “the worlds standard for high end publishing. This guarantees the same high quality output an advertiser would receive from the most expensive agency in the world.

Our AdPortal e-commerce platform is considered the best there is and when Adobe made Flash open source we jumped at the opportunity and developed the Wave2 Rich Media Server. We then added HTML 5 in order to support smart phones and notebooks. In 2014 we added support for DFP Premium and responsive design completing our vision to publish anything anywhere. The Wave2 self-service solution is the only one of its kind that supports both print and digital ads. Today sellers and buyers can place or browse any type of ad using any device from anywhere.

All of these features combined deliver lower drop-off rates fewer support calls with virtually no down-time and far greater selling opportunities for a publisher to its advertisers. Our applications focus on upselling advertising rather than discounting; delivering higher revenue at lower cost. A cloud based solution we made it available for a low monthly fee where today our average customer realizes a 300% to 400% ROI every year they use Wave2.

Couple this superior e-commerce publishing solution with a world-class support organization it is easy to see why were considered the leader in our field. 99% of Wave2 customers renew their agreements year over year which is testament to the success of the platform and our support.

If you want to increase your ad revenue this is the place to be. With thousands of ready-to-sell money-making ideas group pages reader-contests and exclusive materials the Newspaper Toolbox service is certain to motivate your sales team while increasing their numbers.

Our ready-to-sell concepts are offered in a wide variety of advertiser categories that will enable your sales staff to get their foot in the door while reaching untapped markets.

In the special sections category youll find material to help you build the perfect back-to-school bridal home or any other major supplement during the year. Our special sections are included in the monthly subscription at no additional cost…complete with professionally designed front covers non-commercial texts top of page banners images layout promotional materials (includes sales flyers web and print teasers as well as social media promos) and our themed sections are sure to please both readers and advertisers.

Whether its for advance promo planning or for impromptu use that will save a lean week or month; our ideas are designed with your success in mind.

We look forward to helping you increase your sales.

Brainworks Software Inc.

Brainworks Software has been installed at over 1000 North American newspapers over the past 25 years. Products include fully integrated classified and display advertising circulation billing accounts receivable ad tracking contract and credit management classified pagination ROP ad layout editorial and editorial pagination and a state-of-the art Sales Force Automation system supporting mobile platforms.

With more than 1100 installations Presteligence offers a suite of solutions including online ad proofing e-tearsheets & invoice delivery + payment color calibrated hard and soft proofing systems prepress production workflow ink optimization print production consolidation projects web cms digital replicas high school sports management platform and mobile apps. These cost-effective and time efficient solutions combined with the responsive support team make Presteligence a best-in-class partner for media companies.

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