PAGE Membership

Become a PAGE Member

PAGE Cooperative is a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative buying association.

Members pool their individual purchases to create large-volume leverage.

Large volume purchases earn significant discounts and rebates from over 175 suppliers. Members purchase over $125 million dollars annually. These purchases include discounts in: ink, graphic arts materials, pressroom and circulation supplies, office, production and electronic media equipment/systems and of course, newsprint. In addition, a variety of other equipment, systems, software and services used by the printing/media companies are available to PAGE member companies.

As the members move into a multitude of platforms used to distribute news and information, PAGE has a growing list of available suppliers that continue to offer discounted pricing based on the overall volume that PAGE buys.


By joining together with other independently owned newspaper companies, PAGE Cooperative members earn significant volume based discounts and rebates on consumables, equipment, and services from over 175 PAGE Suppliers. While saving money may be the biggest advantage of PAGE, it isn’t the only one.

Other Benefits Include:

  • A multitude of Networking opportunities with other similar members
  • Online Information sessions such as webinars and member-only or member-supplier Forums
  • Printed newsletters providing information and addressing many Cooperative and newspaper company related issues
  • PAGE Symposiums and supplier sponsored educational “how-to” meetings
  • Opportunities to buy/sell used equipment
  • Knowledgeable Cooperative staffers who are always available to respond to technical and administrative issues/problems
  • Being part of a not-for-profit, member owned newspaper and multi-media cooperative which returns any “profits” to its member-owners

Our Suppliers

PAGE Cooperative Suppliers offer up-front discounts to members based on purchasing agreements. Additionally, some items receive special rebates from Suppliers based on purchasing volume in a given billing period. These rebates are then disbursed to the members based on their total purchases for the item during that period.

Return on Investment

Since PAGE Cooperative is a “true” cooperative, any dollars that remain at the end of each fiscal year are returned back to the members in proportion to the purchasing through the Cooperative. This is called the Cooperative’s annual Patronage Dividend.

Member Directory

PAGE Cooperative keeps expanding. This is the most current list of our members.