Merger Creates Large Print Media In Southern Alabama

After months of negotiations, Gray & Gray Inc. has merged with investors to form Deep South Media Group LLC of Citronelle, creating what is likely the largest print media group in southern Alabama. The merger includes these eight publications — the Call News, Washington County News, Shoppers Plus, the outdoors guide and the Mobile Record — under a corporate umbrella that includes the Thomasville Times, Clarke County Democrat and the South Alabamian, three Clarke County publications which were owned by Jim Cox and Linda Breedlove. Willie Gray, the longtime publisher of the Call News and Washington County News, will remain as the company’s manager of business operations and co-publisher Rhonda Gray will remain as the legals manager. The merger was facilitated with the help of Lewis Floyd / Business Valuation Consulting, LLC Mr. Gray emphasized that positive changes are in store for all the publications. “We are really excited about the opportunity that we have with this organization and I believe our current and future readers will share in our excitement,” Gray said. “While the first wave of changes will be most noticeable in Clarke

County with a new look and format, there are also changes coming for our publications in Mobile and Washington counties as we prepare to roll out a new digital format that we believe will enhance all of our publications and expanded print coverage.” Gray said all staff members are being retained and new staff will be added in all three counties. “We will immediately begin increasing our staff by adding sales positions, writers and support staff,” Gray said. Resumes for any of those positions can be sent via email to . The owners and employees of all five newspapers said they are committed to expanding the weekly newspapers serving their communities in an era when larger newspapers are struggling. “These newspapers are vital to each of the communities that they serve,” Gray said. “They are the legacies of the Breedlove, Cox and Gray families and we want to continue that tradition. But at the end of the day, a community newspaper belongs to the community that supports it. We will continue to invest resources into these communities, employ local people, expose corruption and brag on everything that is good.” These are the ingredients of successful community publications which encourage everyone to support their local newspapers.

CherryRoad Media Acquires Hutchinson Kansas Printing Operations From Gannett

CherryRoad Media Inc. announced today it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Hutchinson, Kansas, printing operations from Gannett Co., Inc. The printing operation currently prints most of CherryRoad Media’s Kansas publications as well as numerous other newspapers in central and western Kansas. All current employees of the Hutchinson plant have been offered continuing employment.

This marks the first acquisition of a printing operation for CherryRoad Media, which entered the newspaper industry in late 2020 with the purchase of the weekly Cook County (MN) News-Herald. It has since grown to publish over 80 newspapers in 17 states, including more than 60 titles purchased from Gannett.

CEO Jeremy Gulban says the company wants to blend new technologies with traditional printed publications to help ensure the future of local newspapers. “We are very excited to be to be acquiring the Hutchinson printing operation,” said Jeremy Gulban, CEO of CherryRoad Media and CherryRoad Technologies. “For almost two years we have worked with the talented team in Hutchinson to print our newspapers. Now we welcome them to our organization. I wish to thank the leadership at Gannett for working with us to create a stable printing solution for newspapers in Kansas and Colorado. This is a good thing for the future availability of printed newspapers in the region.”

CherryRoad Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of CherryRoad Technologies, a Parsippany, New Jersey- based technology company that has been in business since 1983. CherryRoad provides complex technical solutions and system integration services to large enterprise customers, particularly state and local government entities.

“We are pleased to have reached this agreement with CherryRoad Media,” said Doug Horne, Gannett Chief Financial Officer. “This transaction ensures we continue our mission of providing essential, trusted journalism to the community and that our experienced team at the Hutchinson facility will continue their good work, bringing local news to our audiences.”

The transaction is expected to close on September 1, 2023. Specific terms are not being disclosed. The Hutchinson News is not included in the sale and will continue to be printed at the facility in Hutchinson.

Greenville News, Herald-Journal, Independent Mail Transitioning To Postal Delivery

Starting Monday, Oct. 9, the U.S. Postal Service will be delivering the Greenville News, Spartanburg Herald-Journal and Anderson Independent Mail as part of an effort to improve delivery consistency and optimize resources amidst ongoing labor challenges, fluctuating fuel prices, competition for workers from door-to-door delivery services and increasing digital demand.

Leveraging the Postal Service will enable the Greenville News, Spartanburg Herald-Journal and Anderson Independent Mail to deliver improved customer service while mitigating the challenges of inconsistent delivery some subscribers have experienced. The transition ensures print subscribers continue to enjoy timely deliveries, while benefiting from the Postal Service’s network and expertise.

The round-the-clock online news cycle has made digital products the first choice for breaking-news readers, and print subscribers are increasingly engaging digitally.

Gannett Co. Inc., which operates more than 200 daily local newspapers, has already successfully introduced the approach in multiple markets and now plans an expansion as digital subscriptions are surging.“The transition from carrier to Postal Service delivery will ensure we can provide a more consistent experience for our valued subscribers,” a Gannett spokesperson said. “We also encourage readers to visit us regularly on our digital platforms, as well as to access our eNewspapers.”

Subscribers will receive letters in the mail before the delivery change is implemented. The notifications will also include instructions on accessing digital products.