Daily Clips: USPS May Override Audit Bureau Findings For Requester Newspapers

July 18, 2022

USPS May Override Audit Bureau Findings For Requester Newspapers

NNA members publishing requester newspapers are advised that USPS issued a new rule today giving itself the power to revoke an audit bureau’s authority to validate requesters if USPS finds the bureau’s procedures are inadequate.

Requester newspapers are required to demonstrate that at least half of their distribution is requested by persons making specific affirmative requests to receive the paper. These requests are:

• Valid for three years

• Maintained on file by the publisher and

• May not be prompted by payment, premiums or other incentives.

A requester newspaper may substitute an audit bureau’s report for the publisher’s records to be reviewed in case of a USPS audit. If an audit bureau is used, the publisher is required to keep only the records required by the bureau. And the audit bureau is required to maintain its records for three years following an issue date. But USPS reserves the right to review the bureau’s procedures.

USA Today Celebrates 40 Years Of Journalism And Innovation

USA TODAY, part of Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), today announced the launch of the “To the point” brand campaign, in recognition of the 40th anniversary of USA TODAY which was first published on Sep. 15, 1982. “To the point” pays homage to the publication’s signature style of concise, approachable and expert-driven journalism that serves as the nation’s source of clarity, empowering audiences.

USA TODAY introduced color to the newspaper industry along with infographics and popular culture stories reflecting the people, places and perspectives of the nation. The brand has continued the legacy of innovation on digital platforms with immersive experiences and Augmented Reality (AR) reaching approximately 100 million people monthly.

“It is remarkable to think about all the things that have evolved in the 40 years since USA TODAY was first published. While the ways in which we deliver quality journalism have changed over the years, our mission has never wavered,” said Maribel Perez Wadsworth, president of Gannett Media. “We are unrelenting in our commitment to the communities we serve and will continue to deliver bold and uniquely innovative reporting with succinct engaging content for our loyal readers.”

The Rise Of The Large Regional Newspaper Barons

During the heyday of print newspapers, big-shot media moguls were practically kingmakers, using their resources to shape public opinion about everything from elections to wars. Jeremy Gulban of CherryRoad Technologies, on the other hand, mainly wants to use his dozens of newspapers to make a modest profit, build his company’s brand and find new customers for its technology services. Gulban is one of several new “newspaper barons” aggressively buying dailies and weeklies in small and mid-sized markets. In less than a year, with little fanfare, CherryRoad has gone from owning one newspaper to 63 – and counting. “It was a good time to get into this business. There were some good values to be had,” Gulban said in an interview.

“We’ll definitely look to expand again into the fall. Everything has been going in the right direction, for now.” Recent headlines have focused on the strategic maneuvering of the biggest chains – Gannett, Lee Enterprises and Alden Global Capital, which own most of the newspapers in the country’s largest markets. At the same time, however, privately owned regional chains have snapped up dozens of newspapers shed by the mega-chains, as well as smaller family-owned operations.

Philadelphia Inquirer’s Newsletters: Strategy Worth Picking Up

Have you picked up the Philadelphia Inquirer lately? You might not be in that particular newspaper market, but if you’re in the business of marketing newspapers – you can certainly pick up their good habits.Philadelphia Inquirer is laser-focused on growing their top-performing newsletters. They consistently and successfully run newsletter campaigns – collect email addresses – and then immediately start sending out content-rich newsletters – all with an eye on potentially converting these readers into a paid subscription down the road.

Social News Desk is handling their lead gen campaigns using our proprietary Dynamic News Ads technology. Our goal is to make sure we’re acquiring new audiences at the lowest possible cost-per-lead.Let’s throw out some impressive stats: Year-to-date, SND has driven 15,617 leads for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Focus remains on their top performing e-mail newsletters which include:

• News Alerts Newsletter

• 6,552 leads at an average CPL of $0.70

• This is their breaking news alert newsletter.

• Let’s Eat, Philly! Newsletter

• 3,206 leads at an average CPL of $1.06

• This is a local food and dining newsletter for the Philadelphia area.

• Sports Daily Newsletter

• 4,278 leads at an average CPL of $0.60

• A daily sports e-mail covering Philadelphia sports teams.


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