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November 19, 2021
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Google Announces Funding for Wick Communications-

The infamous tech giant, Google, is funding a project for Wick Communications to partner with Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The basis of this project is to research routes that will lead to facilitating healthier online discourse.

This project is set to go on for the next two years. The two organizations will be working with local communities to learn their needs, and how they will be able to combat misinformation.

Wick Communications CEO, Francis Wick states, “We’re eager to take these learnings and apply them to our new organization to better serve the communities we’re in today”.


Axios Local Expands to 11 New Cities-

Axios Local, a city-based network of free local newsletters announced its expansion of 11 news locations on Thursday, November 18th.  This will bring their number of locations providing a centralized model to local news up to 25 total. Axios hopes this expansion to San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Raleigh, Miami, Phoenix, Houston, Richmond, Detroit, Baltimore, and Salt Lake City will bring a widened network of new opportunities and business ventures.

Axios’ lean model could be a catalyst for the revival of digitally-oriented local news. Axios takes pride in making sure all local news stories are organic, base solely on facts, and is written by a person with a real identity; no AI-written stories.


U.S Ad Market Expands 8% In October-

According to a MediaPost analysis of the U.S Ad Market Tracker, U.S ad spending hit 8.2% in October 2021 vs. October 2020. The expansion is driven mainly by small advertisers, but the automotive industry as well as the entertainment industry has played a massive part in the increase of ad spending too.


Who are the most Popular Podcast Publishers?-

The top 10 podcast publishers have their official ranking by Unique Audience. The number one spot goes to IHeart Radio with an impressive 30 million  tuning into podcasts in September 2021 alone. NPR ranks second on the list with a staggering 20.5 million monthly listeners for September, and Amazons, “Wondery”, platform comes in third place on this list 11.7 million.


Increase in Thanksgiving Weekend Shoppers this Year-

A reported 66% of consumers have stated they will be participating in Thanksgiving weekend shopping this year. Approximately 30.6 million consumers will be going out on Thanksgiving day, an estimated 108 million consumers report going out for Black Friday, and another estimated 140 million consumers will be participating from Saturday to Monday.


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