Daily Clips: Journalism Unionization Movement Finds Success in 2021

December 30, 2021

How to Respond to Declining News Traffic

It was no secret that after 2020, retaining audience traffic in 2021 was not going to be easy. Between all the events in 2020, publishers got a boost in online traffic, however news publishers in 2021 have seen a steady decline in traffic, by an average of 24%. 

The best response to this decline in the upcoming year are a few key factors. You must emphasize visit frequency and double down on newsletters. You need to make it known to your audience that your site is putting on content they need to come back to see. You must put an emphasis on hard-walled content. Also, take note of what your viewers take a liking to, whatever content has the highest interaction rate, keep pushing it. Those interactions will convert to subscribers. 

Boston Globe Media Expanding into New Media

Boston Globe Media plans toys with an idea of diving into an array of new media ventures ranging from television, films, broadcast and radio. For example, the Boston Globe came out with a very successful spotlight series on Alex Hernandez called “Gladiator”.

Dan Krockmalnic, executive vice president for new media and general counsel states, “Not every New Media project can or will have the phenomenal reach of ‘Gladiator’, but success for us is getting our journalism out in new forms that reach new audiences where they are.” 

The Boston Globe is actively working to develop such as “The Boy in the River”, “Sparkies”, and “The Murder of Tiffany Moore”.

Successful Year for Journalism’s Unionization Movement

The unionization movement that started in 2015 has done nothing but continue to build momentum in numbers. This year alone, 1,542 journalists across 26 workplaces joined the union, making 2021 a record breaking year for the NewsGuild. The journalists have unionized in newsrooms such as Politico, Forbers, and The Atlantic. 

President of the NewsGuild, Jon Schleuss, says, “My goal-and the goal of the Guild in general- is we want to organize as many journalists as possible to help protect them; protect their jobs; increase their wages; their benefits; to protect and save local news.” 

LinkedIn Defeats Lawsuit 

Last December, tech company TopDevz and recruiting company Noirefy filed a class action lawsuit against LinkedIn. The two companies alleged that LinkedIn’s false metrics allowed the company to charge inflated prices for ad prices on the platform. The lawsuit was filed shortly after LinkedIn reported two incorrect measurement issues regarding sponsored content, but they had fixed the problem by November, and also promised to credit the accounts of everyone that was affected. 

Judge Susan van Keulen rejected the lawsuit and ruled the allegations in the complaint, even if proven true, would not show that LinkedIn should be subject to an injunction, and that since LinkedIn fixed the metrics by November the plaintiffs argument was undercut.

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