Daily Clips: How the Los Angeles Times Refreshed a Newspaper Staple

January 14, 2022

Gannett Starts its Move to Digital 

Gannett Inc Co, the nations largest newspaper chain with 253 daily papers across the United States, will  be discontinuing it’s Saturday print edition and rolling it over into an e-edition Saturday edition. This will be incorporated into 136 of their existing markets with a belief that the transition will add additional benefits to their readers.

Gannett spokesperson, Lark Marie Anton stated, “Our business — just like any other — is adapting to a competitive digital world. With more of our readers engaging with our content online, we are embracing our digital future with this evolved Saturday experience while ensuring our subscribers have unlimited access to the news, sports, events and information they value most”.

Media Startup Launched by D.C Journalists

This past Wednesday, a group of D.C journalists that come from companies such as Buzzfeed, Politico, CNN, and ABC have launched their own media startup “Grid”. Co-founded by two industry leading professionals, Laura McGann and Mark Bauman, the startups goal is to provide a deep dive analysis and report on misinformation, Chinese geopolitics, and climate.

“Fundamentally we are putting an extra layer of context on top of the news,” said Brad Bosserman, Grid’s new chief revenue officer who was previously at Politico.

How the Los Angeles Times Refreshed a Newspaper Staple

Anyone who has ever read a paper is familiar with the “Letter to the Editor” section, where readers/ community members are able to write a 200-300 long section stating their perspectives and experiences. Then an editor selects which letters to share.

The Los Angeles Times decided to be able to give the author of the letter more than 300 words, turning the newspaper staple into a video series that is produced by the LA Times Studio. The video series is able to provide more context to the letter, as well as being able to meet the community member which adds more of a personal touch to the experience.

States Newsroom Plans its Expansion

The nation’s leading network of state-based nonprofit news outlets, has announced plans to add three additional newsrooms to its growing enterprise, providing statewide reporting in Alaska, Arkansas and Nebraska. With a network of 25 state-based newsrooms as well as a D.C. bureau, States Newsroom currently provides state news coverage to half of the U.S.

“By nearly every metric, local journalism is struggling, and more important stories are going unreported or underreported in state capitals across the country. We are using a new model of nonprofit journalism at the state level to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality, non-partisan reporting on the most pressing issues affecting them and their communities,” said Chris Fitzsimon, director and publisher of States Newsroom.

U.S Advertising Employment Increased in December

The nation added just 199,000 jobs last month, the weakest showing in a year

Employment in advertising, public relations and related services increased by 2,300 jobs in December, according to the monthly employment report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For the overall economy, U.S. employers in December added 199,000 jobs, the weakest monthly increase in a year, while the unemployment rate fell to a pandemic low point of 3.9%. Below, Ad Age Datacenter breaks down the report—by the numbers.

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