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November 16, 2021
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Granite Publications Under New Ownership

Granite Publications, a collection of 10 non-daily newspapers, including the Taylor Press which has been up and running for 108 years, now has new ownership.

The ownership of Granite Publications has been transferred from Macy Chionsini to Daniel Philhower. Philhower has been CFO and Vice President of Granite Publications for the last 6 years of his career. The previous owner, Chionsini, acquired ownership of Granite Publications in 1978 after her husband, Jim Chionsini, had passed. During Mr. Chionsini’s career, he had acquired several newspapers.

The News Industry’s Best Tactic Retention is Illegal¬†

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to change the “Click to subscribe, call to cancel” tactic put into place by numerous news organizations. The call-to-cancel policy has been described in several ways, from “shady” to “an annoyance”.

A study has shown that out of 526 news organizations, 41% make it simple for consumers to cancel subscriptions online.

The FTC views the “call-to-cancel” process as a, “dark pattern that tricks or traps consumers into subscriptions”, and has vowed to ramp up enforcement on companies that do not make the cancellation process as simple as possible.

How the Pandemic Changed Media

Remote work has broadened the talent pool for companies, as well as offers a healthier work life balance, eliminating presenteeism.

Graduates who majored in Journalism were able to display lateral thinking and goal oriented mindsets by starting Tik Tok accounts, blogs, or other creative outlets during the pandemic. This shows who the self starters are, helping these individuals land virtual internships in an industry where individuals understand the importance of telling a good story in different formats.

Facebook Advertisers will be hit in 2022 

Meta announced the plan to eliminate an exponential amount of Facebook targeting categories, limiting the categories to gender, age, and zip. Going forward digital advertisers will not be able to target race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and political affiliation.

Meta put these restrictions in place to stand up against discrimination and hate.

Why the Boston Globe’s “Dollar a Day” Subscription is Paying Off

After seeing a return to normalcy on Tuesday in regards to digital subscriptions number, the Boston Globes digital subscription revenue is expected to be up by 30% for the year.

During the pandemic the Boston Globe put a generous promotional offer at play, that being a six month subscription for just one dollar. However, as interest in the pandemic grew and the Bump that accompanied the trump presidency threated to turn into a slump, news published anticipated the worst. In preparation of this fall in subscription cancellations, the promotional offer of a dollar for six months, was drastically changed to a dollar a day.

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