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PAGE is the largest purchasing cooperative in the United States for the key components of the publishing and commercial printing industries.  With the size and scope of PAGE:

  • Publishers can reduce costs for the key components for Print and Digital services and benefit from negotiated discounts from PAGE approved vendors that provide these services.
  • Commercial Printers can reduce their costs for the essentials of newsprint, ink, printing plates, pressroom/circulation supplies, graphic arts materials, print/media services and office/production/media equipment.

Key benefits of becoming a member

  1. Obtain lower pricing and immediate savings through the purchasing power of the Cooperative
  2. Accrue additional financial benefits (increases your PAGE Dividends Account) through ongoing purchases
  3. Simplify billing and reduce administrative costs for additional savings

PAGE members also benefit from access to industry experts and trends, along with publishing peers and educational webinars on relevant issues and new vendors.

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