What are the benefits of becoming a PAGE Member?

PAGE Members enjoy significant volume-based discounts and rebates on consumables, equipment and services. While saving money may be the biggest advantage of PAGE, it isn’t the only one. Visit the Membership page to see a full list of benefits awaiting your company.

How do I become a PAGE Member?

After depositing a one-time equity membership fee, potential PAGE Members must then qualify under PAGE Cooperative’s Credit Insurance Program and be approved by a majority vote of the PAGE Cooperative Board of Directors. You can start the application process on the Register page.

How long does it take to become a PAGE Member?

Joining is easy and normally takes around one week from the time all required paperwork is received to reach the PAGE Cooperative Board of Directors for review.

Does PAGE Cooperative work with privately-owned newspapers?

Yes, PAGE Cooperative is exclusively for privately owned newspaper companies. In fact, PAGE Cooperative membership includes about one-quarter of all the daily newspapers and over 70% of the privately owned daily newspapers in the United States.

Are there any annual or monthly dues paid to PAGE Cooperative?

No, there are no annual or monthly dues paid to PAGE Cooperative, just a one-time equity membership fee.

Is the equity membership fee refundable?

Yes, the equity membership fee for a member to join PAGE is fully refundable if that member resigns from PAGE for any reason.

How do I become a PAGE Supplier?

PAGE suppliers are first interviewed by PAGE staff, then reviewed by the PAGE Supplier Evaluation Committee. This committee meets each year to make their recommendations to the PAGE Board of Directors who has the final determination on whether a supplier is approved or not. There is no initiation or ongoing fee for a PAGE Cooperative Supplier. You can start this process by contacting PAGE Cooperative.

How long does it take to become a PAGE Supplier?

The process can take several months.

How do I place orders with PAGE Suppliers?

Ordering from a PAGE partner is simple. Just contact the supplier and let them know that you are a PAGE member. We will invoice you for the product and they will ship the product directly to you.

What can I spend credits issued by a PAGE Supplier on?

Credits issued by a PAGE Supplier through the Cooperative can be applied by the member to any PAGE purchase.

How does PAGE Cooperative get special pricing from PAGE Suppliers?

Members of PAGE Cooperative serve on a variety of membership committees who help select Suppliers and negotiate special pricing programs for the membership.

Are my orders shipped from PAGE Cooperative or directly from the supplier?

Members of PAGE order directly from their choice of suppliers and get merchandise shipped direct.

Do PAGE Suppliers offer anything other than newspaper and commercial printing supplies?

Yes, PAGE Suppliers offer a long list of products and services valuable to any company including credit card processing, discounted shipping through FedEx, and digital services just to name a few.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a web-based seminar that allows for interaction between a PAGE supplier and PAGE members. PAGE recommends logging into a webinar 10 – 15 minutes before the scheduled webinar time to ensure that any technical issues are worked out before the presentation begins.

Being a PAGE Supplier, how do I host a PAGE webinar?

If your company has a product, service, or success story that you would like to highlight, contact the PAGE Cooperative office at 800-468-9568. Webinars are only available to PAGE Preferred Suppliers.

What does “not-for-profit” mean?

When PAGE Cooperative refers to itself as “not-for-profit,” it means that all net margins (profits) from the operation of PAGE are returned to the newspaper company owners – like your company.

What does “member-owned” mean?

When PAGE Cooperative refers to itself as “member-owned,” it means that PAGE is equally owned by its newspaper company members – like your company.

What does “Cooperative Buying Association” mean?

When PAGE Cooperative refers to itself as a “Cooperative Buying Association,” it means that PAGE is not “another supplier” but the “purchasing arm” of its member companies.